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               Step up construction of smart grid of China
                                   China’s market catches the global attention

Centered on electricity, a new energy revolution is springing up around the world which is characteristic of cleanliness and intellectualization. It also can drive the development of the third industrial revolution. With the rapid promotion of China’s newly industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, the problems of sustainable growth energy and power demand, environmental pollution, excess capacity and so on are increasingly prominent; New energy develops rapidly; It is in urgent need to reform energy and to make an adjustments on industrial structure. Power grid is faced with more pressing requirement in the modern energy system and the development of energy transformation.
At the end of the 12th five-year plan we will fully enhance the smartness standard of the power grid in the round. And major breakthroughs will be made in the key fields and links during the promoting of energy internet, UHV, a new generation smart substation, distribution automation, smart meters, distribution generation, energy storage and so on. In order to finish the construction task at the end of 2015 we must speed up the construction of the demo project about smart grid. With the increasing constant investment on smart grid construction and fully supported by national energy policy, the smart grid market of China which has a brighter future becomes the focus of the world.
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